Capturing Real World Value
On the Mobility Infrastrucure Network
Decentralized Physical Mobility Infrastructure Network
Advantages of DePIN
Massive Real-Time Mobility Data Ecosystem powered by MVL.
MVL is creating a comprehensive data ecosystem encompassing vehicles, batteries, charging stations, and ride-sharing services. Grounded in a solid foundation of real business and infrastructure, along with a wealth of data, MVL is spearheading innovation and pioneering new transformations in the future of the mobility industry.
Advantages of DePIN
Driving Innovation with Valuable Mobility Data
Integrating mobility data and infrastructure enhances user experience and operational efficiency in mobility services. Furthermore, by combining with areas like AI and real-world applications (RWA), it fosters the creation of innovative values.
Advantages of DePIN
Sharing the Value of Mobility, Together
MVL's data originates from a community of drivers, passengers, and investors, producing valuable mobility data that benefits all participants. The goal is to build a sustainable ecosystem where everyone involved reaps the rewards.
Vehicle & Mileage Data
Life Cycle Data of Connected Vehicles
Onion vehicle drivers have the opportunity to use advanced electric vehicles at a lower cost by sharing their driving data. This life cycle data is utilized to enhance dispatch and matching algorithms, fostering growth in the ride-hailing business.
Battery & Station Data
Distributed & Seamless Energy Infrastructure
By establishing a network of charging stations in collaboration with multiple partners, we're able to efficiently utilize and manage swappable batteries, ensuring a consistent and reliable power supply across the city.
Ride-hailing Trip Data
The Movement of People and the Traces They Leave Behind
The TADA Ride-Hailing service records vast amounts of trip data from major cities across Asia. The interactions and connections between people create patterns and traces within the city. These are utilized in numerous areas, including commercial analysis and traffic management, providing valuable insights and improvements.